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So my laptop just got stolen and I want to give the police the serial number so if it turns up at a pawn shop i *might* get it back. Anyhow, I have all of my data on my desktop and I suppose there are logs on my network.

I guess I wonder if the laptop leaves traces anywhere of it's serial...
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  1. Highly doubtful that you'll be able to get any useful information that way. The best bet is to try and find the original sales invoice or speak to the people that sold it to you. They probably keep record of serial numbers.
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    How about your warranty registration ? Either in paper or electronic, you have to fill up that info.
  3. ^ Good point, hopefully the warranty card wasn't stuck to the bottom of the laptop...
  4. Get the serial no from the seller is a easy way, they also recorder the buyer name phone and laptop info .
  5. Thanks everyone!
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