Acer TravelMate 804LCi


I am about to buy a new laptop.

Acer TravelMate 804LCi. It has P-M 1.7ghz 512mb, and a ATi Radeon 9000.
I doesnt get as hot as the Acer Ferrari? (Since i will play games alot).

Does the Acer Ferrari 3000 have better performance?
2500+, 512mbddr 333mhz, ati radeon 9200 128mb.

I mainly want my performance in gaming.
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  1. Firstly, if you want to play games, I suggest you look elsewhere. While the Mobility Radeon M9 (9000/9200 - same thing) is reasonably good, it is not really anything special anymore. Look to places such as Dell & Sager if you want games.

    As far as the Acers are concerned - the Ferrari 3000 will probably run a bit cooler than the 804CLi, but it will not perform any better. The Processors are about equal, the RAM is the same, and they both have the same graphics card. Neither are 'very' good for gaming.


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  2. Hey.. yeah you should go for a notebook with a mobility 9600 instead. Companies that make these include dell, sager, IBM (t41p), asus, fujitsu-siemens.

    But I have to disagree with rapture on his assessment of the ferrari. The Ferrari is essentially an acer 803/804, with an amd cpu instead of a p-m. With the tm 803 & 804 already getting a bit warm (especially at the wristpads), the Ferrari will only get hotter (pentium-m is designed to be cool, and powerefficient). People are complaining about very hot ferrari computers, check around the forums.
    Also the ferrari will not last you very long... the xp-m cpu is just not as effective as the p-m. Acer lists 3 hours - and you know that manufacturers always overstate the performance of their computers. did a test of the Ferrari, and they only got 90 minutes of juice out of it - that's 1.5 hours... where as an acer 803 runs 4-5 hours (the 804 probably ever so slightly shorter, because of the faster cpu). But I have seen people who got within reach of 3 hours with the ferrari.

    Hope that helped.
  3. I was also lead to believe that the ferrari was the same basic design as the 803/4, and it may well be, but what puzzles me is that the AXP2500+ technically has a lower thermal footprint than the 1.7GHz P-M. The AMD's PowerNow! works much the same as the P-M's SpeedStep (in that it has several levels), so technically if they are using the same basic cooling setup the AMD should run cooler. On the otherhand, this may well be the case, because as you yourself said, they tend to get hot around the palm rests which is more of a HDD issue than a processor one. But, I can't say because I've never had one, so I guess this one remains open ended.

    As far as batt. life is concerned, while the AXP-m might not be quite as thrifty as the P-M, it is right up their with it. If they use the same batteries and same configs, they should end up within 30minutes of eachother. I mean, my notebook takes a minimum of 1.5hrs to run flat, but if I run it with powersavings, I can get 5hrs - I'm trying to illustrate that batt. lifes are very difficult to judge.

    Anyway, as i said, the Ferrari will not perform any better than the 804, but it won't do all that much worse, which is good considering the price.

    As akerman said, if you want a gaming notebook, go for a notebook with a M10 based graphics array.


    p.s. that Inspiron XPS is incredible. *tongue hangs out*

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