A8 4500+7670m / i5 3rd 3210m gt630m /i5 + 7670m ???

Im buying a new laptop and i dont know what to choose between them,so i need your help to clear out things a bit.

So far i know I5 > A8 4500m
7670m= gt 630m
A8 has 1 more gpu , the 7640 GPU , so i can do CrossFire.

I want it for gaming mainly, browsing and other tasks are not important, but i dont think it will make any diferrence between i5 and A8. I dont mind waiting 3 more minutes unzipping a 10gb game.

Also i read that the gpu is the first to reach its bottleneck first and then the cpu.( dont know if its true)

So we have 1)A8 4500m +crossfire
2)i5 3rd 3210m + gt 630m
3)i5 >> >> + 7670m

What combinatin will give the max performance in games? Crossfire sounds pretty good since i read that 7670 is slightly better than the 630m and adding a 7640g to 7670 will give a good boost (i think :P)

Its going to be a 15.6" laptop.

Suggestion are welcome ( max 670 Euro/ 900$)

Remember GAMING!!!

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  1. Anyone?
  2. AMD is much more efficient at gaming. Ivy Bridge however, is much better at CPU intensive tasks.
  3. Go with the amd solution, the crossfire will give you the most performance, obviously.

    Also, you're correct with how you think the crossfire works.
  4. seriousgamer said:
    AMD is much more efficient at gaming. Ivy Bridge however, is much better at CPU intensive tasks.

    Cpu intensive tasks can be games too?
  5. I'm not sure man.. :/ I had the same thing except for a6 dial graphics doesn't really work how it's suppose to and drivers with AMD are a head ache. But the only games I had a problem with were dirt 3 and bf3 but sense it's quad It may make a difference :) if you get it let me know how it runs bf3
  6. whats your budget? the A8 actually can be better on *some* task because it is quad core where the i5 is not. If you could swing it you could do the A10 with the 7730. hp can be customize for about 850 with << and a 1080 screen.
  7. hmm can i have a link to the hp custom think you mentioned?

    actually im planning to buy this one

    but in greece it costs around 740 euros ,already being on top of my budget.

    Well gaming is my main purpose of the laptop so other tasks come second.
  8. Didn't know you lived in greece but the link is

    I added the full hd screen the a10 cpu and a 7200 rpm 750gb hdd, the 7730gpu and it came to $850. but its in the us...
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