"red mist" on laptop screen. looks like NOT driver/os error


so long story short there's a persistant "red mist"or movie-like grain effect on the screen. (see photos below) a friend gave me her laptop and asked me to look into it at first it seemd like os error or something. but i just reinstaled w7 and it's still here. Now if this whole thing would happen when the system boots up, it would be easier but the mist persists from the first seconds the laptop is turned on. at first it displays acer logo and the effect is veryclearly visable.

so i add the photos below. it seems rather mild in them but it is 3x worse in person.

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  1. oh and the laptop is acer ao751h-1279

    ( it didn't let me edit the first post)
  2. Can you take a screenshot using the printscreen key (then paste into mspaint or whatever)?

    If the screenshot looks normal (not red, viewed on another computer), that means the problem is the display or the display connector (which it probably is). If the screenshot also looks red, the problem is the GPU. Since you can see the red during the acer logo, it's nothing with drivers or software.

    One other thing to test is if you hook up an external monitor to the laptop, it should look normal on that screen.
  3. just tried it. the printscreen looks normal on another computer.
  4. Looks to me like something damaged the screen.
  5. I agree it's likely a damaged screen but I can't see it that well:

    1. Burn an UBUNTU disc and boot to it (BIOS must have CD-drive first in boot order) and select the "TRY" option (not INSTALL). If it's a hardware issue it will still be obvious once you boot into Linux.

    2. Try hooking up to an EXTERNAL screen. If the problem persists then it's the graphics chip on your motherboard which would likely be too expensive to fix.

    3. Google for replacement screens. They can be found relatively cheap versus repair at a shop. You may have to troubleshoot a bit as there are three main elements:
    a) the BACKLIGHT
    b) the LCD panel
    c) Inverter

    There's lots of information around.

    - Most likely one of the screen components
    - can be replaced for $50 or less
    - will need to research a little online
  6. this is a netbook, it has no cd drive. i instaled w7 from usb flash.

    anyway, i hooked up my screen and it didn't see it at all i think it's because currently i didnt instal any extra drivers 9 although for a pc without drivers it is working pretty nicely 0.o)

    i have to transfer 70gb of info to that bastard and it's only moving 1.5mb/s so i'll try to improve it tommorow.

    i second the oppinion of hw damage. the only question is which place.... it could be the parts of the screen itself or some connector, or a random resistor/cap blown off on the board...
  7. Yeah, I would agree. More than likely the screen is damaged, but there is a slim chance that there is a problem with the cable connecting the screen to the rest of the laptop (a loose connector or a broken/loose wire could cause color issues).

    If the laptop was dropped or got bumped into something, it's probably the screen itself. If it's started doing this without any rough handling, then it maybe worth checking the wire first. (Depends how quick the laptop is needed, and how easy it is to find the connector for it)

    If you are comfortable taking the laptop apart (or have nothing to lose) you can order a replacement screen (either through the mfg or ebay/amazon). Typically you can buy the display as a unit with hinges and plastic cover all together, or just the panel (requires pulling the lid apart to put the new panel in).
    It's not an extremely difficult repair, just go slow and make sure you write down where you get screws from, how many you got, etc. as taking it apart is much much easier than getting it back together. A daily pill planner (something you get at a pharmacy) is good for seperating screws so you know which came from where. Video taping yourself is also helpful.
  8. I would assume its the screen itself, I have seen a screen get knocked and after the panel had strange color effects like that, and I would doubt a simple hit to the screen would dislodge/break an internal connector. There are tutorials online for situations like this I believe, I think iFixit probably has instructions for replacing a laptop screen.
  9. anyone got an idea how much the screen costs? i dunno how to search for it. i mean if the size fits it's ok? or is there a specific model i must use? and the poor thing sems to be running on his last laps - the windows are asking for a new batery. is it even worth it to repair it or is it time to upgrade?
  10. Well, I just searched your laptop and "replacement screen". This site came up, about 60 bucks for a replacement, you will probably want to confirm that this will work for it before ordering but the description makes it sound model specific (to yours): http://www.laptopscreen.com/English/model/Acer/ASPIRE~ONE~AO751H-1279/

    Also, I did not find your laptop specifically on iFixit, but they do have repair guides on Acer laptops: http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Installing+Acer+Aspire+5100+LCD+Monitor/4256/1

    Find one that is similar model to yours and use that as a guide. Also, before purchasing the screen, contact Acer and make sure the replacement is acceptable.

    And it may not be worth repairing, I am sure a battery is like 50-60 bucks, in addition to that screen and any tools you may need you are over 100 bucks already. Depending on the actual stats of the computer (I did not specifically look), you could get a reasonable comparable or better laptop for not too much more. Just depends on whether you are willing/able to do that.
  11. yeah i checked ebay too. they have screens for 40 pounds ( roughly 65 bucks). then of courese the battery which is always pricey.

    i thought the battery was just windows nagging me but when i saw that charge dropped from 80% to 9 % in 5min. i realized this isn't just empty rambling :D

    the spec of the nb:

    Computer Type ACPI x86-based PC
    Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
    CPU Type Intel Atom Z520, 1333 MHz (10 x 133)
    Motherboard Name Acer AO751h
    Motherboard Chipset Intel Poulsbo US15W
    System Memory 1014 MB
    DIMM1: Hynix HYMP112S64CP6-Y5 1 GB DDR2-667 DDR2 SDRAM
    Video Adapter Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 500
    Total Size 149.0 GB (114.6 GB free)
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