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Hi! I have this new netbook and i wanted to check the total battery capacity with Battery Bar because it lasts 6 hours instead of the 8 hours that some reviews say. Battery Bar says it has 48.840 mWh total capacity but the wear level is already 13% (42.000 mWh) and it's new! Could anyone confirm if it really should have 48.000 mWh? Thanks
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  1. Battery life is all dependent upon what you are doing on the laptop. if you are playing games, watching movies, streaming video, the battery life will be less than if you were just viewing excel spreadsheets and typing up papers.
    When they say 8 hours, that just means at the max it will last that long.. in reality its usually 5-7hrs based on usage. my extended battery says 4-6 hours, but in reality, it usually only lasts about 3.
  2. thanks for your reply. I'm aware of what you say, my main concern is whether battery bar total capacity estimation is being accurate...

    while we're at it... how long does the battery last for other d270 users?
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