Windows 7 Network sharing question please

hi guys

I have two pc at home both w7,

and I wanted to make a sharing center, where pc 2 can pull out some stuff from pc 1 and all

so I went to Network and Sharing center, made a homegroup,

and after that I was able to share files, but the problem is

when I go to Network, there are 2 icons with each pc's name, and when I click one,

there is a folder named "Users", and when I click users, it shows 2 folders, which are

username(whatever your user name is) folder, and Public folder.

and It seems I can't delete them or something, it seems as if there were meant to be there.

However, I'd like to only make a one folder available there, like I want to make a folder named "Shared Folder" or something, so I can keep things simple, and put the files I want to share in the folder, so my dad can take stuff from only that folder without any problem.

I hope my explanation made sense to you guys and please help me

I really was amazed by this feature

Thank you
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