Help! 6600 wont work...

I got a MSI 6600TDSP to upgrade someone's computer (I plan to use this card in a future build...) and their motherboard is Asus a7n266-VM. I want to play halo and hl2 and the integrated video card isnt going to cut it, so I got this card to make those games a little more playable. However I install the card, the software and now windows wont even start. If it does start it starts in 16 color and freezes up before it finishes loading everything. Or it would work fine in 16 color but the instant I change it to any other mode it freezes. By the way the card works fine in VGA mode but anything other than that it just freezes. Is it the card is defective or is it a motherboard/CPU issue? The specs are:
AMD XP1800
Asus A7N266VM bios 1.005
256 DDR (Samsung chip... at least thats what it says on the chip)
MSI NX6600TD/SP 128
300watt truewatt PSU (Its a taiwan brand, they dont sell antec/others here in taiwan so its hard to compare, it cost 1000NT though (which is about 30 dollars))

I was told the psu should be enough for even 6800 (not ultra or GT), 2 harddrives, and 2 cd-rom devices. I dont think its a power issue, I tried screwing with memory timing but it only goes Cas 2.0 or 2.5, and the PCI latency timing which improves things a bit (takes longer to freeze that is) but now I dont know... maybe a bios update?? or forget about it and return the thing and get it when I really are going to build??
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  1. Did you disable the onboard video?

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  2. how do I do that? I thought it automatically disables onboard video when you install a video card in the AGP slot...
  3. Well, the problem is that it isnt in the BIOS setting. I looked in the manual and CMOS and the setting to disable onboard video just isnt there.... or should I go to a used computer store and pick up a cheap socket A board that has no onboard video???
  4. Well, I went back to the place I bought it from and got a GA-K8NE motherboard and a semperon 2600 and exchanged the AGP 6600 with a PCI express one and that fixed the problem.... (the motherboard isnt mine though, it belongs to someone else) In the future I am going to get a x300 to put in this computer and I will use the 6600 in a future build. Should I use a socket 939 AMD64 or will the socket 754 will do?? are they the same or is 939 better?
  5. 939 can be upgraded to double core cpus with a bios update and it manages memory better, you can take advantage of double channel memory.

    754 is good but it has less upgrading potential

    Nothing is as easy as it looks
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