XFX GFFX 5700 LE overclocking

First off, this is my econo/experimentation rig... I've got an Athlon64 3800 with a Geforce 6600GT as my Entertainment rig. So with all due respect... shove the "why did you get the 5700LE, that card sux" Crap, k? Please be cool, I would just like some insight.

moving on...

I've just snagged the XFX GFFX 5700LE 128 MB for $25 and I want to overclock it. I have 3 problems/questions:

1. I have a Biostar M7NCD non-Pro which doesn't let me adjust the AGP bus voltage. If there's a way to unlock this, please let me know!

2. I have no clue what AGP Bus freq to use and I don't feel like frying a graphix card. Is it safe to pump it up to 133 mhz?

3. The card has a heatsink and fan on the GPU that looks like it should handle a bit of heat. There are no heatsinks on the memory. What can I overclock this card to with the stock cooling set up and where do I buy (or how do I make) Heatsinks for the memory?

To all of you that take the time to read this and answer... thanks

To anyone that starts a useless "my card is better than yours" rant in here... I hope you start using cactus as toilet paper.

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  1. 1) no need to pump up AGP voltage

    2) don't send AGP frequency to 133MHz, in fact, don't go higher than 70MHz (normal is 66). Raising this does not constitute overclocking per se, as all it does it cause unstability, not add performance (it will make AGP 8x into 8.5x or so....nothing needed as that card gets all the data it needs from 2x AGP, I'm sure).

    3) That card doesn't create enough heat to necessitate heatsinks, it will only lessen the OC (at worst...itll probably do nothing) as it will gather heat in the area due to the inherent thermal resistance of the adhesive and the heatsink.

    As for the actual overclocking....I don't even know what the stock clocks are or what others are getting for their OC, but I can tell you how to OC (if its clocks aren't locked, which they might be). Download rivatuner, under the clockspeed tab, raise the gpu frequency 5MHz at a time and running 3Dmark each time, looking for artifacts. Stop when you get artifacts and lower the speed 7MHz or so (for longevity). Repeat with the memory.

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  2. What Vapor said.

    AGP voltage does nothing for you and overclocking the AGP bus will actually hurt you by limiting the card's overclock.

    With the 5700LE, your best performance increases will come from overclocking the memory and GPU. Especially the memory, which is the weak link on the LE cards.

    Don't bother with heatsinks for the RAM, but if you aren't afraid of losing your warranty (and hey, it's a $25 card) you should take off the stock heatsink, remove the crappy thermal tape, and replace it with a very thin coat of arctic silver. That'll give your GPU overclock some more Mhz for sure.

    P.S. Why did you get the 5700LE, that card sux. :tongue:

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