Laptop spams the W key and than stops working.

My laptop keyboard spams the W key and then stops working. I can type regularly using a usb keyboard. I've tried a system restore. Turning it off, taking the battery out and holding the power button for several seconds. I ripped the W key off and it does not appear to be stuck. Currently doing a virus scan.

If the virus scan does not work, what other things can I do? My laptop is an ASUS G60JX.
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    replace the keyboard
  2. I should have updated before as i already disconnected the keyboard before I noticed this reply. The issue has since been resolved.
  3. glad to hear you got it solved.
  4. Sounds like you got it resolved already. But for anyone else that has this problem and does not want to replace the keyboard, try removing the key cap and cleaning underneath it. It sounds like you have gunk under there messing things up a bit. There are some good tutorials on doing this on
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