How to check video card?

Hi there all.

I've an ATI 9800xt Radeon video card, I've had it a while, I'd guess a year and a half or so. I upgraded to it from a GeForce 2 Ti200 I believe, had 32mb of memory.

Anyways! Thing is, I never could really tell that much of a difference in performance. I've got enough power in my computer, having a 600watt power supply, and it's properly connected. I even went so far as to put an Ati Silencer3 video card cooler on it.

Anyways. I was just wondering if there was a program I could download that could possibly check the performance of my video card? Just to see if it really is performing as it should, or if I've had a lemon all this time.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. You could go to <A HREF="" target="_new">Futuremark</A> and download the 3dmark03 and 05 programs and then post your scores here and we can let you know if you close to where the performance should be for that card.

    What are your system specs? Is that 600W PSU a name brand or generic?
  2. did you completely get rid of all the nvidia drivers before you installed your 9800xt?

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  3. The wattage of the Power supply won't effect performance, but system specs sure will. What is your motherboard/processor/memory?

    <A HREF="" target="_new">3DMark05</A> <A HREF="" target="_new">3DMark03</A>
  4. Wow. Didn't expect so many responses so fast! Okay. Let me answer.

    For the first post, I am in the process of downloading that program now. It's quite big, and my connection is only 512k downstream, so it'll take me about an hour or two. Also, my power supply is a.. Enermax Noisetaker. One of the best power supplies I could find.

    Second poster. That was my previous computer. When I built my own I used the same video card. So there isn't any nivida drivers on this computer because I've never used an nivdia card on this computer.

    Third poster. I've an ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe Motherboard, a 3.4ghz P4 processor (it's a northwood) and 1024mb of Corsair TwinX dual-channeled ram.

    Incidently. I ran the program "PowerStrip" and checked it's resource manager. It's reporting I have 1023mb memory total, but only that 739mb is free. What the heck is using up a quarter of my ram?
  5. Okey dokey. I ran 3DMark05 free edition.

    Here are my system specs, then my score.
    P4 3.4ghz processor
    1024mb of ram. Corsair, TwinX Dual Channeled
    ATI Radeon 9800XT
    Audigy2 ZS Gamer Edition
    ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe motherboard
    200gig Seagate hard drive

    Here is the score. And for some reason, I'm guessing it's a bad one.

    3DMark Score: 2703
  6. Okey dokey! Stick around then. I gotta download it. It'll take me about 30-40 minutes.
  7. Alright. With the 3DMark03 I scored a 6733.

    That good, bad, what? The only one I noticed my computer having problems with was the mother nature one, and the two cpu tests, more the 2nd one.
  8. Your scores actually look like they're right in the middle of other people that have similar systems to yours. Are you running any programs in the background when you did those test? like virus scans or firewall?
  9. No. No virus checkers or firewalls. Nothing else was running. I have nothing that starts up when windows does.

    The problems I encounter were just low FPS. Mother nature dipped down to around 20. The CPU tests were harsher, the first wasn't bad, it stayed around 40-50fps. But the second cpu test, the woman versues the two trolls? Nasty. Was it rarely ever went over 10fps.

    And what did you mean by that Rob? You mean that I'm only half of what is expected by my system specs, or what?

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  10. So.. Everything is alright, basically?

    Also.. If I wanted to go about increasing my score, what would be something I could add?

    Thanks for putting up with my inane questions. You can build a computer, but that sure doesn't mean you have to know a whole lot about them!

    Now that you pointed out what Rob meant, it's quite obvious. *sigh* Makes me feel stupid(er).
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  11. Okey dokey... And what exactly should I do to overclock it? And what would be a setting that should work?

    It's not obvious to me as I've never overclocked anything in my life.
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  12. go look in the overclocking forum at the CPU threads and you will be able to find some easy answers for OC'ing in there.
  13. Your scores are just fine. Game on.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">3DMark05</A> <A HREF="" target="_new">3DMark03</A>
  14. Show off!! :tongue:
  15. You probably don't notice the difference because you haven't run any newer titles with your old Geforce3.

    Believ me, if you put a Geforce3 back in your machine and tried to run Far Cry/HL2/Doom3, you'd see the difference very very quickly...

    A Geforce3 would probably score about 1500 or so in 3dMark03.

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    <b>3dMark05: <font color=red>5,275</b>
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