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Aspire 8942g vs modern mid-range desktops

October 20, 2012 10:39:45 PM


I've been actively using my Acer Aspire 8942 g laptop for over two years now with almost no problems (except HDD and occasional blue screens on waking up). I chose it because I wanted a desktop-like performance system but which I could take with me when I traveled. But now I settled and have some budget to spend, but I'm still considering.

How is Aspire 8942 g compared to modern Mid Range desktop systems in range $1-$1,5k ? My two main performance requiring activities is casual gaming (World of Warcraft kind of performance, not Crysis 2) and producing music (huge usage of ram, HDD and CPU). I'm curious whether it will worth it or not, considering that I will have to buy monitor and OS.

I have Core i7 720 QM, 8Gb ram, Radeon 5850 HD Mobility (DDR3 version, not GDDR). I primarily want to upgrade because of video card. It wasn't the best in the line because of memory originally and now it feels a little under performing.

Thanks in advance.