Poor Performing 6800GT?

I just ran 3D mark 2005 for my first time to see what my new 6800GT would do

i scored around 4400

something tells me this isnt right. here's my system specs
Pentium 3.2E (800mhz FSB, HT enabled)
ASUS P4P800SE Mainboard
2x512mb OCZ low latency Ram (CAS2.5 i think) set in dual channel config
Gigabyte 6800GT w/ 256mb DDR3
120gb Western Digital SATA w/ 8mb cache

Temps always under 50c for CPU and Case
No overclocking done
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  1. It seems a bit low, but nothing to freak out about.

    Stock you should get between 4700 and maybe 5000 (if you're lucky) with that setup, I reckon... check the ORB.

    AA & AF are set to "Application controlled" in the drivers, right?

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    <b>3dMark05: <font color=red>5,275</b>
  2. LOL!

    HMmm, who cares about Bungholiomarks? :lol:

    After reading the post in the other thread, this issue makes me laugh pretty hard at the irony.

    <i>"Oh no I'm not getting good bungholios, what will I do?!? "
    "Stupid people with insane bungholios who cares about them!?!"</i>

    Obviously the answer to poor performing GF6, is phase change cooling and some more money! :evil:

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  3. Sounds like you have a bad 6600gt.. I'll take it off your hands..

    It's probably something in your system setup that just doesn't mesh well.
    I was just reading because I'm looking at getting the 6600GT..
  4. 6<b>8</b>00GT

    Bow Down (and pray to your God)
  5. ROFL. I get 10,000 with my little ole TI4200.
  6. Ahh well yeah so I was tired yesterday.. so I'll take a 6800 I suppose..
  7. I think it's probably just my windblows being too fat.

    takin in to account i've had the same windows installation for at least 3 different motherboards, 5 different video cards and countless software / hardware changes.. i think it's time for a wipe
  8. If that's the case, managing to get even that close to expected is quite impressive!

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  9. I've tried to keep it clean, deleting drivers, and clearing old unused stuff.

    i'm pretty tech savy and no what i'm doign (former IT Manager) so i'm glad it's lasted this long. but i hate formatting... I like games, and WOW takes for EVER to reinstall
  10. What I do is a windows+office install then an image. Then I install all my games and an image. That way if I have to reinstall all I need to do is restore my games image or if I want to have it extra clean I restore my windows+office image.

    Nothing is as easy as it looks
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