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I have a previously 'ghosted' copy of my hard drive that does not contain Bootmagic. My hard drive (which does contain Bootmagic) has now died and I replaced it with the copy that I made previously (after running fdisk and formatting). However upon starting up, it shows: "MBR corrupt! Run Bootmagic config, press any key to run active partition." It still enters Win98 fine, but how do I get rid of the message? Especially when this copy I made did NOT contain Bootmagic in the first place? Wouldn't formatting get rid of everything!!??
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  1. Did something that solved the problem...
    Have to type 'fdisk/mbr' at a: prompt.(a:\fdisk/mbr) The message disappears and runs Windows immediately.
    The only thing I still don't understand is how there are still residue bits of Bootmagic remaining although the C drive has been formatted.
    Any opinions appreciated :)
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