Catch22 on 9700pro

See my post on the 9700pro gibberish on startup. Downloaded new drivers - catalyst 4.12 I believe from the gigabyte site. Machine still wouldn't boot.

So I downloaded catalyst 5.5 from ATI. Went through the install process and the install software couldn't detect any ATI hardware - so it wouldn't install. Arghhhhh. Of course there is no ATI hardware - I had to put the TNT2 back in to get the machine to work to get the driver.

Is there a way to install the new driver without an ATI card installed? Hate to vent, but man, I never had so much aggrivation. May be my first and last experience with ATI.

Thanks again.
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  1. Machine won't boot? That's not a driver issue.

    Did you connect the 4-pin power connector that's on the card to the power supply?

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  2. unistall ALL nVidia drivers , (may want to use driver Cleaner etc.)
    shutdown system , install ATI card & drivers
  3. Quote:
    Machine won't boot? That's not a driver issue.

    Bow Down (and pray to your God)
  4. Perhaps I'm using the wrong terminology. I do know that the 9700pro is good - it runs fine in a p3 machine with generic drivers. And the new AMD machine boots and runs fine with older nVidia cards. Its just when the 9700pro goes into the AMD machine that I can't get past the Windows XP start screen. And since the start screen looks ok, and the bar is moving and looks ok, and then the screen goes bad - I'm presuming that while the machine is starting, there is some software configuration going on which the 9700pro doesn't like. ie - the video goes from ok to gibberish during the machine startup - and the video card works in a different machine.

    There was some discussion on ATI's site about similar circumstances, and the new driver was the suggestion. So I downloaded the driver (catalyst 5.5) but it won't install via the install shield without ATI hardware in the machine. Hence the catch22 - I can't run the machine with ATI hardware in order load the driver, but I need the driver to run the ATI hardware? Anyway, I thought there may be a way to install catalyst 5.5 via the install shield without ATI hardware installed, or a way to install catalyst 5.5 without ATI hardware and without the install shield program. If so tho, I have no idea how to do either - or if that is the inherent problem. Why would the card run in the p3 machine with the same windows build and generic drivers, and not in the new AMD machine with the "same" windows build?<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Buckyfan on 06/04/05 09:43 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  5. Try removing all the nVidia graphics drivers you've previously installed (drive cleaner might be handy) and using the default driver for the nVidia card to begin with (the drive built-into XP). Then remove the graphics card and monitor from device manager and power down. That way when you reboot it should revert to defaults (800x600 resolution and 60Hz refresh rate). If all that goes well, try installing the Catalyst drivers.

    Alternatively you might try booting the computer in "VGA mode" and installing the Catalyst drivers with the ATI card installed. You get boot mode options by pressing F8 at the right instant...just as the boot loader is starting (right at the end of the BIOS screen).

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  6. Just a shot in the dark (as is most remote trouble-shooting) but make sure your MoBo AGP drivers are installed and up to date. AMD boards need the AGP drivers to function properly, Intel are good from the start. Try that. Not detecting the hardware sounds like a MoBo issue IMO.

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  7. have you tried to boot into XPs 'safemode' ?

    What Power supplies do you have in these machines, i would guess to resolve this will take a more powerful PSU, 350W+

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  8. A fresh install of XP might fix the issue! But then again, thats a last resort. Try the following program to remove the video drivers.
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    My System:
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. Reinstalled windows and patched to SP2 w/o .net. Did this with TNT2 installed. Uninstalled TNT2 in device manager and shut down. Installed 9700pro. Ran ok with generic drivers. Recognized board as 9700pro (but had two instances in device manager). Downloaded catalyst 5.6. Installed catalyst 5.6 (the version not needed .net - the one on the top of ATI download box). Upon reboot, machine started windows. Got to administrator logon screen. Entered password and hit enter. Screen went blank. So it seems like it is driver issues. Any suggestions on which ATI driver I could use to get this thing running? Its a gigabyte 9700pro card, rev1. Thanks,

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