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Here's a neat little article on a new Rogers' feature. Not sure if
it'll work with Fido:

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Anna Nicole ready to take messages

Published: February 1, 2005, 7:13 AM PST

By Dinesh C. Sharma
Special to CNET

A Canadian wireless service provider has announced a voicemail service
that lets customers use greetings recorded in the voices of

The new feature from Rogers Wireless offers prerecorded greetings from
numerous comedy, TV, music and sports personalities including Truth
Hurts, William Shatner, John Ratzenberger, Simple Plan, Destiny's
Child, Lillix, Ricky Williams and Anna Nicole Smith, the company said
Tuesday. In addition, there will be humorous messages recorded by

Customers can preview and purchase celebrity greetings online. The
greeting is then sent to the phone's voice mailbox. Rogers Wireless
said that only GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) phones
can use the service and that customers must buy a voicemail plan.
Messages will cost $3 each, in addition to charges for Internet time
and voicemail access.

Wireless companies are looking to expand their revenue streams by
offering items such as ring tones, games and messaging. They are also
teaming up with content providers to offer entertainment and sports
clips to customers.
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?) (tony) wrote in

    > Here's a neat little article on a new Rogers' feature. Not sure if
    > it'll work with Fido:

    Jeesh, not exactly new. I've listen to these from their website. You can
    too. You hear some lady over top of them so you can't record it unless you
    pay for them. Totally stupid and I would NOT pay $3 for any of them.

    Mason Storm

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