Joust Cocktail - Urgent!! Please help.

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I'm trying to restore a Joust cocktail and was wondering if anyone
knows exactly which sized Tee molding I need for the top/lid of the

At present it is the same width as the molding used on the upright
parts of the machine - on those parts it's the right width but on the
top/lid it's clearly too narrow and leaves an unsightly gap either side
of it.

This is a fairly urgent enquiry since I am going to order some other
bits for it from Steven at arcadeshop and want to combine the shipping
in one go to the UK where I am.

Any help gratefully received!

Best regards,

James Dexter :-)
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    This may* sound dumb, but why dont you measure the thickness of the top
    to see what size t-moldign you need?

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    The thickness is indeed exactly 1" and the Tee molding is Tee'd in the
    centre (some molding is offset) but nothing seems to match the exact
    size so I was wondering if I was getting something wrong that's all -
    that is very possible!

    James Dexter :-)
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    Hi James. It is 1'' t-molding, and is the same as used on pacman
    cocktails amongst others. I have some spare lengths here in the UK.
    If my own Joust cocktail is anything to go by, you only need a few feet
    of it. Drop me a line and we'll sort something out. amremote at
    hotmail dot com

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