Leadtek winfast a6600gt tdh Problem


My new graphics card keeps freezing in 3d games

I was playing silent hunter 3 ok with a less than required spec:
pentium 3 1000/133, 750MB memory, Geforce 3 ti 200

My PSU is:

450 watt ver 2.03

450w 116v 10a 50/60hz
450w 230v 5a 50/60hz

+3.3v +5v +12v -5v -12v
30a 45a 15a 1a 1a
240w 180w 5w 12w 12.5
450w maximum

3d games played slowly but solidly.

Upgraded graphics card:





Now when i try to play the game instead of seeing the characters faces
i see polygons and / or the game plays ok but freezes when i am about
to sink a ship or the system reboots for no apparent reason.

I have installed fresh drivers and the mobo bios is up to date

How can i solve this problem?

(The links above might lead to the problem... but i am not sure)

I am thinking of just taking it back to the shop and getting the cheapest 6800 instead ...

Should there have been some sort of golden warranty shiny thing in the box when i bought it? I didn't see one...
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  1. I have tried to find a solution to this but without success.

    I need to get some more suggestions / clues asap or i will need to return it to the shop.

    Thank you.
  2. sounds kinda dead to me
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