Clevo Laptop Battery Life?

Did a powercfg -energy check

battery is at 88% of where it should be... Which isn't completely terrible

I would like the laptop to last long enough for me to watch a movie on a flight (not all airlines have plugs in business/economy yet...

I think the laptop lasts about 60mins after 100% charge

I understand the laptop is pretty much a desktop... i mean its sporting a i7 860, 6970m, and 16gb 1600 ram 2 hdd etc etc

So it would be irrational to think it would last Very long

My question is... Is it my battery that is shot?

Or is there some kind of product I can buy (since clevo doesn't make extended batteries for this computer) that I can use to make my laptop think it is charging, when in reality it is simply running off another battery?

I honestly would rather endure the extra weight then have to sit on another flight with absolutely nothing to do -_-

I bought the laptop to be able to take with me on travels for the sake of setting up at the location (spend about 1-2 weeks on site) and never move it from the desk it sits on (mainly to game)

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  1. By owning a Clevo, you're basically owning a desktop replacement. By getting what you're getting, even if you are turning the brightness all the way down and disabling wifi, you're doing something else. If you want something with better battery life to travel with, get an Ultrabook.....but you won't be able to game on it, not really.
  2. I understand the above... I just need a battery life extending product. Something that would act as a battery however be plugged into the power port. Is there such a thing?
  3. Now you can buy a mobile power or another new battery for travel.
  4. I have seen a few products that are a $300-500 "fix" but my advice is to turn down the brightness most laptops have a powersaving mode you could enable that.
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