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Hey THW, just in need of some suggestions for my next laptop. I am not a gamer. I am just looking for a laptop that has a nice big HDD and I can download and play movies and music. I would also like if it was pretty quiet and not so hot. I am not looking to spend $800, but I do have it if I need it. Also I would really like if the laptop was flashy in a white or red color, idk something like that. I am looking to buy pre owned/used/refurbished and I want to pay around $400 maybe more if someone can justify it.

*Also, I have been searching the web and I have done research and laptops from hp/sony are interesting me, but they are not what I require
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  1. Bump, also it would be nice if the laptop had two hdd bays
  2. Im not going to be gaming at all. MAYBE cod4 or minecraft, but idgaf about games tbh. I just want this thing to be good for playing movies, internet and music.
  3. That hp envy looks pretty sweet. But is not worth the extra money imo. Idk, just me. But how do you feel about this one
  4. Yeah ik it was a refurb, but i could care less as it has a much superior processor. But I ended up actually buying this for $400 on an open box
  5. I'm using it now, and I actually am really enjoying it. When I put my ssd it will be much better, tho. I am unsure if I am going to keep it though because I will probably end up listing it back on amazon and try to make a little profit. But it is definitely a good laptop. Processor is a nice I5, and the overall look is really good. Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it and if you did not know about microcenter before, check them out!
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