Acer v3 571 2nd HHD

Hmm do you know if this model can space for a second hhd? At the same time ofcourse. Im talking about the 15.6'' model.
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  1. Probably not. It's extremely uncommon for a laptop to support 2 hard drives, except for a few circumstances.
  2. the 571 15" version does not support a 2nd hdd... but the 771 17" version DOES. There are a handful of laptops that I know do, the HP DV7 comes to mind, the 17" version, the 15" DV6 DOES NOT. with the DV7 you have to get the cabling for it.

    I have never seen a 15" laptop that supported a 2nd drive internally, and its rare with 17" one, too

    Dell business class laptops, Vostro and Inspirion, ect can support a 2nd driver using an adapter in the CD rom bay.

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