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I just bought a new LCD - Samsung 913N - for my PC and just fooling around with it I tried to switch to different resolutionsthen the native one - 1280x1024.

However, when I try to change the resolution to, for example, 1280x720, I get a "stretched out" image on the vertical axis.

Is there any software - driver-related or whatever - that is capable to show my desktop (and in fact everything that I do on my monitor) like on a widescreen monitor, what I mean by that is to have black bars above and below the image?

I tried to get it from divers and from the monitor menu but is not working.

THX a lot
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  1. Wow, er, I thought most monitors supported both modes (stretching and showing black bars). Certainly video players should give you a 1280x1024 screen with black bars reducing it to 1280x720.

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  2. I'm not thinking only about movies - and for that what you said is very true - but also to games, in which I can choose this type of resolution (1280x720) and it behaves like the desktop, I mean stretching the image.
  3. unless the game / program has built into it to draw those bars. it will stretch. because when you set the resolution. most games assume that the total height of the monitor is the resolution you're setting it too so it stretches it all the way up.

    as far as I've seen. I havnt seen any software tool to trick games to rendering those black bars
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