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Hi all I have recently lost (but luckily recovered) 2 hard drives at the same time loosing all of my business documentation so i am thinking its time to set up a server computer, I already have a computer here which will be perfect for the job nothing to fancy if you need the specs i could go through it and post them.

basically what i am looking for the software to do is,
I have 2 computers 1 at work and 1 at home I would like to be able to have a common email setup for example if i send an email at home i would like to be able to see the same email when i get to work (and vice versa with outlook 2010) that will go for send AND receive. be able to login to the server from work and home to edit/create documents as well as a second hard drive in it for additional backup.

All the documents I will be using are Microsoft word, excel, paint etc

Just hoping someone knows something that can do this for me, I am only a sole trader so im not looking to spend millions but I would like it to backup automatically so I am not going through loosing all my information again.

Thanks in advance for any help
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  1. I don't really think that you would need a separate dedicated server to achieve what you are wanting. If you're just wanting the basic functionality and want to get it done as simple and cheap as possible, then for your email situation I'd recommend getting a gmail account, especially if you can set up an IMAP based account. You can log into your email from anywhere this way, interface it with your phone, etc. If you're wanting to use Outlook 2010, you can still have your email come in to that from gmail and if it is IMAP based account then it will synchronize the email messages at both places you are accessing it from with the server. Doing this with a standard POP3 based account is very difficult.

    Next, for access from your office to your home computer all you need to do is set up Windows Remote Desktop, which is free and built right into Windows but does require a little reconfiguration of your network settings, or use an alternative free program like TeamViewer. This way you can get access to your exact desktop, all the programs you have from one place to the other, and have access to all your files from one place to the other.

    And all of this can be done on a single computer, no dedicated server required. If you're going to spend money to make it right, I'd just recommend looking at a decent desktop system with RAID hard drives to give you improved up-time in the event a single hard drive fails, and install a backup external hard drive that makes automatic updates of your whole computer onto disk. This again can be achieved for free in Windows 7 using the Windows Backup & Restore utility, or there are many other alternative programs like Acronis TrueImage.
  2. thanks for the reply I will have a read through some instructions to set this up
  3. personally for your needs I'd go for windows home server, and a hosted exchange mechanism, you can access WHS remotely.

    Or go for office 365 from MS, £5/user /month full exchange and sharepoint, so you use sharepoint for doc storage in the 'cloud' rather than physical machine that you maintain.
  4. Like the first response, I would agree with him. You don't really need a dedicated server spending a ton of money for what you want, when you can get the same results from a decent machine. I would probably recommend a raid 5 setup, that way if one HDD fails, you can throw in a new hard drive and have it rebuild without any complications and downtime. I think teamviewer is like 10 bucks a month, might be off as I havent checked it lately. Then you would be able to remote to that machine from anywhere as if it was a dedicated server.

    Backup's you wouldnt even need to spend money. It would be as easy as setting up some type of script to run every night to start robocopy (Command Prompt copier) through the task scheduler. Although sometimes, u have to keep an eye on robocopy as it doesnt always work 100% if file rights arent set right.
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