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I was given laptop but the original owner profile and explorer sign is open and working and I also have a user profile. Can I set the wake up to my sign on and clear his ( he is using on another computer. OR do I have to buy another copy of Windows 7 and reformat????

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  1. What do your mean by his "explorer sign".
    If your user profile is an administrator on the computer, you should be able to remove his user profile from the laptop.
    to remove his user account go to control panel and and User Accounts, you should see your account on the right, and it should tell you what type of user you are under your user name, Hopefully it said Administrator. If it does go to Manage another account, select the original owner account and then click Delete the account, and that should do it.

    If I were you I would still reformat, just to clean everything everything out, and have a truly "new" laptop. You shouldn't need to buy a new copy of windows, there should be a recovery section on the laptop that will let your restore the laptop to a factory default setting, and your enter your name and stuff when it is finished. If you can't find any recovery stuff on the computer, contact who ever make the laptop and see if they will send your the recovery discs.(I believe they want money for those, but it is usually a lot cheaper then buying a completely new copy of windows around $10-$50). This is all assuming this laptop came with win 7 and the original owner didn't custom install 7 on it. You should have a product key sticker on the bottom of the laptop that will tell you what originally came on the laptop. If you can find a installation disc of what ever version of windows is on the product key, your can uses that disc and that key stuck on the laptop, to reinstall windows.
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