Newly built pc, graphics display & drivers problem

Hi all, I've just built a computer using the following parts:

AMD Athlon64 Venice 3200+
MSI Neo4 K8N Platinum Motherboard
MSI RX800XL-VT2D256E PCI-E Graphics Card
Corsair 1GB DDR400 Ram
Western Digital 160GB SATA300 HDD
FSP Group (Fortron Source) AX500-A ATX12V 500W PSU
Windows XP Pro w/ SP2

Here's the problem I've been having.

1. As soon as I boot up the computer, as soon as the motherboard's
logo screen come's on I get this very messy screen. It's like there
are these white dots evenly spaced all across the screen. It continues
in BIOS and WinXP installation, often blocking the letters. When the
WinXP logo bootup screen shows up, the blocks turn into big green
ones, still evenly spaced. When it comes into windows, it becomes 3-4
giant vertial, spaced-out strips that is sort like a darker shade of
the normal color that it should be. If I were to move the mouse over
it, all these strips would flash a lil color for an instance but still

2. All of the above has been on WinXP's generic video driver. I have
been unable to install ANY radeon/ati drivers. The latest one from the
MSI website (v8.09), the latest one from ATI (Catalyst 5.6, both with
and w/o NET frame versions), and the usually reliable OMEGA drivers
(Catalyst 5.4). It would install fine but then after a restart, there
would be a significantly mroe noticeable red blotches over the screen.
Then mouse won't work after bootup, then 10 secs or so after it goes
into windows, the monitor's display would go on and off, always
freezed and very dissorted. The problem would go away if I were to go
to safe mode and uninstall those drivers.

Here are the steps I've already done to try and solve the problem:

1. Update using the latest BIOS and drivers for both the graphics
card, motherboard, SATA chipset, LAN chipset, and BIOS from both MSI
and the manufacturer's websites (MSI, nVidia, etc).
2. Get the latest updates from Windows Updates.
3. Clear CMOS, and use stable (non-overclocking options)
4. Unplug certain unneccary devices and plugs, such as DVD drive and
internal USB.
5. Changed between 2 CRT VGA monitors and 1 LCD DVI monitor.
6. Disconnected and reconnected all cables.

I would really like the know what the problem might be, and if there's
any chance I can have of fixing it without returning of the parts. And
if I have do, which part is most likely defective?

Thanks so much in advance,
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  1. sounds like there is two things that could be causing this.....Your system could be overheating causing distortion. But more than likely it sounds like your video card might be defective. I would suggest taking out the vid card and reseating it first, if this doesn't fix it then I would probably send the card back.
  2. Yea I've tried taking out EVERYTHING and putting it back in. I'm only doing all this cause I don't like the hassle of RMA, even more of the chance that my replacement will have the same problem. Is that general opinion of everyone?
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