Looking for a work laptop/desktop replacement

Price cap of $1900 to 2000
Needs to be able to support two external monitors
needs 16 gb ram
needs intel quad core processor
needs at least decent battery life on average use (internet, word edition, etc) (5+ hours)
needs 15"+ screen w/1920x1080 resolution
needs dedicated gpu to be able to do decent gaming (at 1920x1080 on medium/high w/o aa)

Only laptop i thought of that can do two external monitors was the macbook pro by daisy chaining the minidisplay port... but macbooks are pretty overpriced for what it is.... Any suggestions?
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  1. First of all I doubt you will find a GPU of any description that will satisfy both your professional and gaming needs. I've been unsuccessfully trying to do it for years. The drivers are diametrically opposed to each other. Second, unfortunately, laptops are not portable desktops. They are far less powerful especially for the dollar spent and always will be. I suggest you give some thought to what applications can only be accomplished with a portable. Personally, I'm very glad I don't have to rely on any portable to earn a living. Every time I use one I am disappointed. I think you're out of luck on the dual monitors.
  2. Your other option would be a Lenovo W530 with Quadro K2000m upgrade and a docking station (to support the multiple monitor out). I think you would be able to handle medium settings for most games at 1080p, but high might be pushing it for many titles.

    Edit for benchmark links: http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-Quadro-2000M.47316.0.html.
  3. What about this laptop?


    upgrade it to a i7-3740QM with GTX 675m. then add in 16 GB of internet bought ram and reinstall everything on a internet retail bought SSD to save money.
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