Replacement battery for Acer d250 1165

I recently ordered a replacement for my netbook battery which is rated at 11.1 volt 2200 mAhr, and the number UMO8A41 on the battery label.

The battery I received is rated at 10.8 volts 2200 mAhr, and the number UMO8A31 appears on the label.

Is this battery OK for this computer? The outfit I bought it from doesn't seem to know the technology well enough to put my mind at ease. I am inclined to return this unit and have been trying to learn more about the situation but have found no good answers.

Can y'all help?
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  1. the one you got will be having less power to work that the one you use adding this the umo8a31 dont show your system when your search for her
  2. Thank you. I was afraid the outcome would not be good. I will return this battery and hope to find the correct one.
  3. do you have a store like this around your place
  4. It doesn't matter,10.8 or 11.1 can fit your laptop.
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