Too Much Memory to Install Windows 7??

Is there a known issue with installing Windows 7 with too much memory??

I just completed my first homebuilt and I had much difficulty installing Windows 7. The first installation attempt started fine up till the "Unpacking Files" point where I got a blue screen with the message "A problem has occured and Windows has shut down to prevent damage to your computer. You can try deleting any new hardware or software and try rebooting and installing again," etc. I called a friend for help who is quite experienced. He suggersted a different USB port for the mouse but we got the same results. We then tried the "repair Windows" option but no help. We were worried that I might have a defective HD at one point because I got the "missing boot manager" when I missed the key to reinstall .

After several more tries, he suggested removing 6 gig of the 12 gig DDR3, PC3 12800 ram and try installing with just 6 gig. The installation went fine. (Actually W7 seems a lot faster than XP or Vista!) I never thought too much memory with all memory banks full would be a problem but that appears to be the case. Can I safely reinstall the other 6 gig ram now that Windows is installed, and although the desktop seems to work fine, do I need to be concerned about any bits and pieces of corrupt files from the failed installation attempts? (I figured that since it finally installed correctly, that there is probably no interference from the first attempts.) I have a Asus P6T MB, Seagate 1 TB HD, and 6, 2 gig OCZ High Perf DDR3 PC3 12800 1600 DIMMs. Thanks. Tom
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    I installed Windows just fine with 12GB of memory. Chances are that some of your modules weren't seated quite right, your memory timings were too tight, or perhaps one of the modules was defective or marginal.

    Try reinstalling the memory and see what happens. I'd recommend running a memory test such as "Memtest86" to make sure you can rely on it. Most desktop systems cannot detect memory errors so if your memory is marginal then you could easily get data corruption or crashes such as those you experienced when installing.

    As long as you started the installation from scratch with the questionable modules removed, your system should be fine.
  2. Are you installing the 64 bit version? With all that RAM you won't be able to use it all unless you use the 64 bit version.
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