6600gt PSU HELP!!!


i plan to buy a geforce 6600gt AGP, which according to review articles, needs a 350 watt psu.

i currently have a eMachines comp with:

AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 2.1 ghz
ONE 160gb hd
ONE stick of 512 ddr ram
dvd rom
au51 mobo with nforce2 chip
3 media readers (none connected)


ModeL: ATX-300-12E
Rev: D
Input: 100-127V-6A
300W Max
200-240V-3A 60/50Hz
Output: +12v/15A
+5V & +3.3V/180w Max
+5V & +12v & +3.3V/288w Max

im on a tight budget (~$150, the card costs $149) and i'd rather go for another card that requires less power than buy a card AND a psu.

(im planning on playing bf2 and other future games)

Thanks in advance
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  1. u get the computer from the best buy add?
  2. u could probably get a 350w PSU for pretty cheap, I'd just get one and a 6600gt, and you might end up saving money anyway because you wouldn't have to upgrade as soon.
  3. Most eMachines use SFX sized power supplies. Newegg has some listed under their "Micro ATX" power supply selection.

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