Best laptop for decent (not too hardcore) gaming in india for upto 50k

Best laptop for decent (not too hardcore) gaming in india for upto 50k INR or less?
I am confused as to which laptop I shd buy. heard tht HP dell n lennovo are the better brands for laptops. now i am confused as to which processor, gfx card n ram i shd go for. coz some laptops may have 2nd gen i5 n a better gfx card with 6 gb ram n some may have 3rd gen i5 with less better gfx card n 4gb ram!

plz suggest some laptops or atleast a decent config in which i can play most of the games till 2012-13 in atleast medium gfx settings ( not the max settings)

for example:-
intel i5 3rd gen
6gb ram
ati/nvidia with corresponding model no etc

I hv no clue regarding laptops gfx cards
also plz let me kno which among these is better: nvidia 633m , ati 7670, ati 7470

awaiting replies
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  1. Well im assuming you mean a gt 630m vs 7670 or the 7470. the 7670 is better then the 7470 and the gt630 vs 7670 is about the same
  2. You need to edit your description. What resolution do you want?

    Also, name some stuff you do on your laptop. Any photoshop and video editing?

    Very nice laptop. Has dual graphics, (crossfire)

    If you want more processing power without as much graphics.
  3. gaming laptop=oxymoron
  4. you can opt for lenovo y510p ... it has i5 as well as i7 processors .. price for i5 is betwn 55-60k and i7 is has got 1tb hdd ,8gb ram , dual geforce gt 750m , and much importantly it has got ultrabay
    it is a beast for intense gaming like titanfall , watchdogs ..
  5. I kinda wonder if a response to a 2.5 year old post will help the original poster... ;)
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