Boot from desktop iso on laptop but already has OS

I just purchased a laptop with an OS (Windows 7 Professional) already installed. My desktop runs Windows 7 Ultimate, and has all the programs I use installed. I'd prefer not having to reinstall all these programs on my laptop, how do I go about doing this? Can I just make and iso of my desktop C drive, open that on the laptop and install? How does that work if it already has an OS already installed like I said?

Also, I built my desktop. It's running an asus P9x79. The laptop is a dell precision m6600... different driver right? What do I do about that?

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  1. It just doesn't work like this. You would have to image your system drive to the new drive, and even then may run into issues with the hardware being different. Your best option really is to just install windows on the laptop, and then load all your drivers and applications.
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