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Hello, I plan on loading windows 7 64 bit on a new system I'm building, using an SSD as the boot drive and for program files. I plan on having an i5 750 processor with 4gb dual channel memory and I'd like to put the swap on another drive (conventional 1 tb) along with documents, etc. Since i don't have the OS yet would there be any special method I should know about prior to loading the OS?
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  1. Check out the Contig freeware:


    If you create a primary partition on your 1 TB HDD that is
    relatively small e.g. 10 GB, you can effect "short strokes"
    and maximize efficiency for all I/O to the swap file
    if you also create a perfectly contiguous pagefile.sys
    using Contig.

    Just remember to modify the attributes before
    you move that swap file from C: e.g. in Command Prompt:

    attrib pagefile.sys +A +S +H

    ... easy to remember: "ASH"

    The justification for doing this is the performance
    that results from perpendicular magnetic recording ("PMR"),
    illustrated graphically here:

    I hope this helps.

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