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Hello, I'm looking for a new laptop to be able to play Guild Wars 2 with max settings on without it lagging. If that's not possible then I would like to know the best performance I could get for my money. Thank you in advance for your help and opinions.

Please put links to the laptops.
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  2. just a warning if you get a laptop your going to get bad gaming performance

    if you get a desktop you would get a 3570k and a gtx 670 or 7870

    laptops arent overclockable because it would cause to much heat for their tiny heat sinks.

    but a laptop is good on the go like an airplane.

    also you dont really need a 670 if your going to play minecraft but somthing like bf3. it also depends on the sceen resloution how well the grafics card will play the game.

    good luck
  3. If any you fellas know about laptops this member needs help i don't know about laptops so i can't help him
  4. I totally agree with calmlikeabomb. I am looking to buy a gaming laptop in the same price range, so I have been researching it extensively. The lenovo y580 (~$900) and the msi gx60 (~$1200) seem to be the best buys there are in that price range. The gx60 actually has the second best graphics card you can get in a laptop so it seems to be pretty amazing bang for the buck, and should be able to handle guild wars 2 pretty darn nicely.
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