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Hello, I decided to upgrade my lenovo y570's ram from 4 to 8 gigabytes, because there was only one stick of ram inside and i wanted to get my dual channel going. I came across people claiming to have put 16 gigs of ram into it. My question it will 16 gigs give me an improvement or is it going to be pulled back because of some other bottlenek? Currently my model is with an i5-2450M @ 2.5GHz with the nvidia 555m with the 1GB of vram. Is it possible to replace the cpu with a mobile i7? Assuming I eventually get the i7 and a better hard drive, will 16 gigs of ram make any difference given the graphics card? So far the most intensive work I've thrown at it has been playing new games so the is the extra ram going to give me a measurable improvement? Also can you think of any use for 16 gigabytes of ram in the forseable future for a machine like that?

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  1. In terms of gaming, the performance won't increase when you go from 4GB to 8GB. Or 8GB to 16GB. RAM just doesn't do anything for fps.
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