Best laptop to get $300 or under?

I'm thinking about getting a laptop for college this Christmas and was wondering what the "best bang for buck" laptop I could get for $300 or under?

Some things to keep in mind,

I am an IT major
I have some programming classes that involve Java, C++, C#, etc.
Using to take notes
No gaming
No video editing
SSD compatible? Yes
Future proof? If possible

I am willing to go over $300, but it all depends how close the price is to $300.
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  1. This one goes a little over your budget but it seems like a nice pic. It has a nice sized hdd and a good amount of ram :D
  2. I wouldn't normally recommend an HP, but for that price I think this might be the best bang for the buck:
  3. My sarcastic response One that runs.

    My non sarcastic response a new windows 7 lapot that runs. And has enough space to dual boot ubuntu. Or even a laptop without an OS just for ubuntu. <-- will be your friend.
  4. Might wanna wait and see what Black Friday / Cyber Monday has to offer.
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