Windows 8 Vs Win 7 Gaming Laptop and FROSTYCOMPUTERS

Just curious if a Win 8 laptop is more "efficient" than a Win 7 gaming laptop.

For example if battery life/performance is better or not

I was considering something along the lines of the MSI GX60 but theres no backlit keyboard :( And the GT60 is very expensive.

Also wondering if I should buy refurbished/openbox and how reliable is Frostycomputers?

the BBB rates them an F! Compared to an A for cyberpower/ibuypower and xoticpc

Ive heard stories of people getting scammed and not receiving a laptop when purchasing from frostycomputers
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  1. Most games are optimized for windows vista/7 why on earth would you want a tablet based windows os anyway? I for one and skipping windows 8, it has a horrible interface for a PC.
  2. Bump
  3. Can anyone tell me about Frostycomputers and any stories or experiences you've had with them?
  4. Need more info on frostycomputers
  5. Anyone know about frostycomputers?
  6. Never heard of them. Try Googling around to find opinions / reviews.
  7. Windows 8 looks more like a tablet than a laptop UI to me. As a gamer am really pissed off at Microsoft for this horrible Metro and RA/m glutting apps. I would definitely give it a skip
  8. Yeah, don't buy from frostycomputers. I order notebook, pay for it and never get it. Money not receive too. Case reported, but they were not able to do anything, I still not receive money.
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