Which one is better?Tnx

Hi !
I want to buy a laptop and i found :

Dell Inspiron ,15R 5520 ,i5-3210M ,Radeon 7670M ,8gb 1600MHz , 500gb hdd


Toshiba L850-13P i5,2450M , Radeon 7670M, 8gb 1333 MHz, 640gb hdd


Acer V3-571G-53214G75Mass i5-3210M,GT640M 2GB, 8GB 1333MHz ,750GB hdd ,

and i want to know what do you think about them .
Which of these models do you think is better ? I mean better quality , brand,performance ,temperature, good looking , resitance etc ( weight is not important)

I was looking(because of the configuration) at the Acer . It is ok to go with Acer ?I heard many times the same problem with overheating ...bag plastic materials and si on. To they really s**k that bad :| ?

Please give me a hand here,

Thank you !


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  1. Oh ...and excuse me if i double posted.

    I said to me that it's not ok to continue somebody's thread and i decided to start out my own.

    I apologise if i did something wrong.
  2. Nobody ?
  3. Nobody really cares about laptops there is a few i am sure if they notice your question they will answer
  4. :) ok then.Tnx
  5. Get the dell if you want the best performance - though it's going to be wanting of a fresh install of windows. (Dell puts a lot of bloatware on their computers.)

    I wouldn't worry too much about overheating - I know a lot of people who like Acers.

    Have you looked at Lenovo? They're not stylish, but they've got some of the best price / performance on the market.
  6. in Romania Dell/Acer and almost all have a bad quality(like the most of the products made for UE)...trust me. It's like choosing the best out of the worst:)
    So you think dell is better? :-?
  7. Go with Acer and buy a cooling pad ad if they give you the option of choosing your thermal paste use the arctic silver or whatever special thermal paste they have and there is no overheating issues then
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