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Hi my pc crashed for the second time and it keeps restarting before the win xp boot appears so if i install win 7 will it work or must install win xp then instal win 7.PLEASE HELP
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  1. you don't need to reinstall xp to install win 7 unless you have an upgrade version of win 7.
  2. Just put in a windows 7 disk and boot from disk. Then install windows 7, it will install overtop XP. Ideally you should reformat your harddrive.. but if you have files on there you need then make sure you dont delete any partitions when installing windows 7
  3. Check the Windows 7 compatibility website FIRST! You may have hardware that won't work in Win7, like a video card (old AGP), or printer.

    Seem MANY people upset with Windows 7, 'cause this or that doens't work, but they didn't run the "checker" before installing, much less buying it!

    Best of all, do you have the Windows XP install disk(s), to SP3? It might have a recovery program on it, like 7 does.....I can't believe I don't know this!
  4. so if i install 7 will my games saved data still be the and my graphics card is a MSI R4670 1G.And how does win 7 compatibility mode work.
  5. Will my motherboard work with 7
    Biostar P4M900-M7 SE
  6. If you buy and install an "Upgrade" version, it should save all your "data." And $$$.

    Download and run Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor. <---This is the link to it.

    It'll tell you what won't work, or what may need newer drivers, and such.

    Just trying to save you some frustration later.
  7. Hello torres - the Upgrade Advisor and the Windows 7 Compatibility Center that foscooter linked you to are both great resources to visit before upgrading to Windows 7.

    To answer your question about Windows 7 Compatibility Mode, this short demo video will show you how to use Windows 7 XP Mode. It is only available with Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate -

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
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