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Hi im looking for a really high end gaming labtop. MONEY IS NOT AN ISSUE. I have a lot of cash on me. Portabillity plays a pretty large role in my decision. I want to be able to play most if not all games on high to ultra settings. Also i do care about how my labtop looks.
These are the labtops ive been looking at

-razer blade revised late 2012 version
-msi gt70
-asus zenbook
-samsung series 7 or 9
(the heaviest i can settle for is like the razer blade or a bit more then that)
(i would choose an alienware m18x but that thing is heavy and gigantic)
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  1. the zenbook is absolute garbage for gaming when compared to the others you listed above

    Personally I'd get MSI GT70 (U can get gtx680m+blu-ray- 2x ssd in raid0 for under $2k)
    my second choice would be the samsung series 7 (awesome design)
    my third choice would be the razer blade (Gtx660m)

    The GT70 will get u the best performance also best speakers (DYnaudio) and backlit keyboard (thousands of customizations) it weights 8 poundish- (same as the series7)

    the razer blade is the most portable tho about 5 pounds but its about $2500 for less performance

    the asus zenbook is terrible at gaming, even RoG series is too heavy, overpriced, and low quality build (hence why there are so many refurbished/people getting rid of them)
  2. Ok so its down to gt70 samsung series 7 and razer blade. I really like how thin and light the razer blade is, but im paying like a couple hundred dollars for it. Difference between 660m 675m and 680m??? More oppinions please
  3. I'm in the same situation except that id say get m17x maxed out without 3d and get raid 0 ssd 256gb so it makes the laptop a lot lighter, also don't go for a built in disc reader rather a portable one so u dont have extra weight, get a amd 7970m gfx card crossfire cos its the best. make sure yu get 1920x1600 res with chrome finish and not glossy. 680m is about $300 more than 675m but tbh its like 16fps more than the 675m. and the 7970m crossfire is #1 and can run eevery game on ultra with no lag. i typed this from my gs3 so sorry for spelling errors
  4. 675m is about 60% faster than 660m but something like 675 uses a 54watt while 660 uses a 40 or 34watt so it takes less power n makes less heat . 680m is the best single gfx and 690m is available soon
  5. if ur going for looks m17x hands down is the best.
  6. No but the m17x is super thick and heavy, i have no need for a labtop that is gonna sit on my desk, i will be cRrying this
  7. Mate, you've said 'labtop' a total of four times now..
  8. As for weight the razor will be the best, for looks its up to you, The gt70 will weigh "a lot" if you are looking for portability but the razor will not last nearly as long. the gtx 660, vs gtx 675m I thought was about 30% and the gtx675m vs gtx 680m was about 25%. I believe that the gt70 is about 10lbs
  9. I'm tempted to get one of these someday -

    A but pricey but a monster of a gaming laptop.
  10. Makaveli_Tha_Don said:
    I'm tempted to get one of these someday -

    A but pricey but a monster of a gaming laptop.

    i was also tempted to get that unit though... but changed my mind.. bought a cheaper and almost identical laptop specc'ed laptop for almost 30% cheaper.. and best of all it is fully customizable...
    here's a link:
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