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Anyone know how to set this thing up? Neither Fido nor Motorola seem to be
able to figure it out. They sent me these settings:


Homepage: http://wap.fido.ca
GPRS access point (APN) : wap.fido.ca
IP address:
port : 9201
User name: fido
Password: fido


Here are the general GPRS settings :
APN : internet.fido.ca
user name : fido
password : fido
dial up# : *99# (Note: for sonyericsson's the dial up# is *99***CID #)


Here are the general MMS setrtings :

1. APN : mms.fido.ca
2. IP address :
3. port : 9201
4. MMS relay server URL : http://mms.fido.ca


Unfortunately, I simply cannot figure out how to get them in my unlocked
RAZR - it is wanting gateways and so on - with no space to put your IP
address - and the ip address given to me by Fido is not working as the Razr
gateway. Then all the CSD options the Razr wants - nothing in the settings
Fido sent me.

So - I have a great phone and I am paying for gprs service - and getting

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Archived from groups: alt.cellular.fido (More info?)

    "Steve Mitchell via CellPhoneKB.com" wrote:

    These are your WAP settings.

    The info given by FIDO is pretty standard and uses pretty standard
    terminology. You needto get the *real* V3 book or call Motorola to ask
    them where to get the *real* manual with complete description of the
    setup that uses standard terminology.
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