So lemme get this straight. I already paid a kings ransom to score an HIS X800XT PE over a year ago which is fine. Now you expect me to:

1. Buy a new MoBo.
2. Buy another graphics card.
3. Upgrade my power supply (or maybe not)

So I can run dual cards with no games optimized for it at the current time...

Okay fine...

Da Worfster

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  1. No one expects you to do anything.

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  2. <A HREF="" target="_new">What I Expect :cool: </A>

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  3. No one expects anyhting of you... The option is there if you would like to spend the money and get somthing nice like that. Also you should read on how CF works. Its rather interesting!

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  4. Yes, Crossfire is very interesting, and in my opinion, more attractive compared to its competitor, SLI.

    Why, you ask? Simply because of its capability with virtually every game out there, whether it be new or old. This was the anxiety I felt when considering SLI; 700 dollars was too much money to buy a SLI config. that I wasn't even guaranteed of all of my games benefiting from. Crossfire doesnt seem to have this disadvantage, though.

    Yes, I understand this technology has not been released yet, and yes, I understand ATI probably "sexed" the technology up a bit, but benchmarks have shown Crossfire to perform quite well, in fact quite comparable with a 6800 Ultra SLI in Doom 3.

    It's up to you if you want to purchase it. ATI doesn't expect you to pay such a premium, but atleast they give you the option of having a very high-end gpu capable of almost anything for today's games.

    When the technology is actually released, I'll rave about it further, but for now we wait until its release.
  5. Kinney, is that you? Did you wake up on the ATI side of the bed? :wink:

    We'll see how good Crossfire is once it's out. Personally I am hoping R520 is good enough that Crossfire X800 series won't make much noise beyond it being an option for those who already have a compatible card.

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  6. ATI probably is not releasing crossfire en masse because how many people want to spend another 7-800 bucks to run Crossfire when they can buy a 7800gtx. They are probably saving it for when the r520 comes out so they can do a huge hardlaunch instead of the paper launches that the graphics world was accustomed to until the 7800gtx was released. The 7800 release caught ATI by suprise because they were most likely going to paper launch the r520 also if they got good enough yields but with nV promising availability on the same day as its released, ATI was forced to rethink their plan and then still couldnt get good enough yields to come close to a hard launch. I hope ati can crank out some better yields and get these cards out and available so i can upgrade oh btw great clip grape :D


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  7. Quote:

    YEah, unfortunately I don't notice it because no time for gaming (too busy drinking at the Stampede :evil: ). I unfortunately don't game enough at this time (still haven't opened my copy of FartCry, Riddick, KillSwitch and BF:Vietnam (let alone BF2). I haven't bothered because in about 2 weeks (when work winds down a bit) I'm wiping the harddrive again, maybe do some benchmark runs, replace the R9600P with the AIW PCI and turn the rig into a media PC, or give it away (I have 2 DVD recorders now so depending on frustration level maybe no Media PC). At that point is when the motivation to build is going to take hold.

    Along those lines I'm thinking X800XL or even plain X800. Crossfiring these might be nice, but that's as a future consideration, and what will truely motivate me then is the R530/RV530 properties. I still want cool, quiet and efficient, but I like having at least some power, so we'll see, and 2 crossfired X800s or X800XLs means no power cords still. The advanatage of the X800 over the X800XL is as a transition card, and so selling it to friends may take Crossfire also out of the question. I have a feeling this card will last alot less than the R9600P.

    I think the thing about the delay of Crossfire is that it's so late in the game now, that they aren't worried about nV, they want to get it out there in time for people mulling over their options with their X800XT/XL/X850XT/etc cards when they launch the R520, etc. At this point there's little to force their hand, and while it would be nice to have Crossfire in retail and reviewed more wiedely, there's not a killer need for it. You can say for the minority of people who would go with it (maybe 5-10% of the ATi population) this is definitely late in coming and they missed the opportunity of releasing it before the GF7800GTX, but it's such a small consideration that I think it will arrive just when people need it most, when they are deciding what to upgrade to. The top performance nuts weren't ever going to make them serious money, and since they never got the MoBos out fast enough, there's not that crossover licensing benifit like SLi enjoyed. The biggest influence if anything will be the downward pressure on nV SLi pricing on the MoBo side of things.

    I think they could've had sufficient yield for a hard launch before but pricing would've be alot higher (you can always do a hard launch with small volumes, just price the R520 like an FX57, and voila, hard launch but shipping 1/4 of the cards of a $599-699 priced launch.

    oh btw great clip grape :D

    Glad someone got a chuckle out of it. :cool:

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  8. And that is different from SLI because...?

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  9. Watching Goldfinger?????
  10. You better get that new rig going in two weeks. Because in 2 months you'll be hitting the slopes again. :smile:
  11. Unfortunately ski season doesn't start 'til November (ou need a good base on these rocky/shaley) mount-aines. :lol:

    I was just talking to my Best friend in T.O., and his wife's family is from Michigan, he'll be going down there late this month, then back up to Toronto at the same time I go out there. I'm going to probably order some things off NewEgg, etc and have him bring them up since the Ba$$-Turdz don't ship to Canada (heck they don't even take Canadian based Credit Cards even if you have a US residence !! :mad:

    Anywhoo, once August roles around I'm definitely getting into aquisition mode. Biggest problem now seems to be finding the Chenbro server case (preferably in Black). I want a BigA$$-CUBE! Got A Dremel with flexible neck thing as a prize at work and I wanna use it! :cool:

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