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Ultrabook buy suggestions

October 30, 2012 6:24:04 AM

I recently bought a Samsung series 9 13.3' np900-x3c. I paid $1250 and it was a tough decision as I wanted to spend less. It arrived with a dead pixel, and I sent it right back.

Now I am wondering if trying again with it (although I heard it might have track-pad problems and wi-fi problems). Alternatives are:

- $1350 Samsung np900-x4c, the 15' bigger brother. They might have similar problems. I have to say that I am attracted to this because it's ultra-thin and light 15' and I prefer it to 13.3'.

- $820 (with rebate) Asus x32a-DB51. It's cheaper and still well built, with good battery and light.

I care about battery, design, weight. I thought of excluding lenovo u310,u410, Sony T13 and HP Envy 4 and spectre because of price, battery, weight comparisons.

I saw the Toshiba z930 and Fujitsu U772 but still they don't convince me.

Please give your opinions. Take into consideration price differences, not absolute bests.

Thank you.