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Hello All,

I was trying to find a way to speed up my boot times. My network seems to take about 30 seconds to initiate (from blue circle on icon -to- connected). I read bits and pieces of changing a default value in the registry, but I cannot find an answer. I am hoping some tweakers would know how to do it.

Any help is appreciated, and thanks in advance!

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  1. Are you talking about wireless connection? That does not seem like such a long time to connect to me.
  2. Hello,

    I am hardwired right into the modem/router combo. I was reading somewhere that the "Group Policy Time" or something is set to a certain value and can be changed. My system starts in 20 seconds, then takes another 30 to finally become active. I have seen many cases to where a system is booted in far less time. I have my paging file off, and booting with the RAM does not make it any faster. I only have about 5 critical apps open at start up. It is the Network taking its time in initiating.


  3. If you can, switch your IP address to a static IP, vs DHCP In many cases, the act of getting a DHCP address from your router/modem is what's taking a while. In my experience, certain models of routers are faster than others at providing addresses, 20 seconds seems unreasonable for a wired connection though.
  4. What kind of AV are you running? Some AV like to implement their own drivers to sit on the network card driver as part of their wider internet security features. This can cause major dramas.
  5. You are on a network?

    Do the other PC's run Windows 7? I've had problems with 2 PC's networked thru a router, one running Vista, and one running XP. Long time to connect to each other, XP wouldn't see Vista PC, etc...

    But I never resolved it. I think you may have to add protocols to the network card, in Network Settings.
  6. vista and 7 won't connect to a shared folder on an xp machine without password protection ( in my experience ) as soon as I added passwords to the account i was connecting to, i just signed in with the credentials on that account . ( i have to do this connecting to a windows xp machine with a shared printer )

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