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Hello Everyone, im here today to ask if someone who has seen a laptop to these specs:

Budget:$600-$800 USD (Can go higher but needs to stay under 950 if i can help it.

Screen Specs: 1600x900(P) Minimum w/ 16+ inch wide screen

Internal Specs:
CPU: Min i5-2450 (2.5GHz) OR i7-3610QM

GPU: (Minimum)HD 4000, but would love an Nvidia card in it, just enough to play them on pretty good settings but not perfect.
Battery Life: doesnt have to be like 6 hours but around 3-5 is good

RAM: 8GBs (Min) Unless someone can convince me that getting 6 is good enough.

Weight: Doesnt have to be lightweight but i would like it to be durable, Things happen and i dot want a cracked case if i can help it.

Storage: 500GB min or 250 with SSD or something but 7200RPM if possible.

Thanks to any and all who can help me out, because ive checked everywhere and its either not the right screen width or resolution, ect. DOES NOT have to have all specs but the high priority ones are the screen and CPU, GPU is too but i can live with HD 4000 (Which is actually pretty good). THANKS!
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  1. Any Windows 7 OS (Windows 8 would be amazing but the again idk)
    Game slike Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Assasin's Creed, ect. On pretty good settings (Mid-high, and High). Thanks man!

    Edit: Thought i should mention that i plan on going into Video Game Designing, and story board lanning ect. Which is why i put an i7 as an optional but do i need an i7 to do rendering and creating? They are heavy duty on CPUs but id have no doubt a decent i5 could handle it.

    Has an quad core apu, with dual graphics. Should run most games, but battlefield 3 will have trouble. You're not going to get much for a $950 laptop, that will run newer titles on high.
  3. Yea, the new A-series came out huh? Its a quad-core right? I have a full AMD Desktop setup already, im looking at an Intel because where i live, they tell you you need an Intel CPU in whatever Personal computer your running in order to qualify for acceptance. I think its bullcrap and that they are just paid off by Intel to sell more PCs BUT, w/e I appreciate it, it seems quite nice but not quite what im looking for..i look more into it though, Thanks!

    Edit: I have seen some Laptops that run todays games just fine, for instance my best friend has one he got for 800USD. Great Laptop, im essentially ooking for a duplicate of his if i can, which is the specs above (More or less)

    15.6 screen though. still a nice laptop.

    17 inch. really nice.

    IMO, if I were you, get the 2nd one.
  5. This, will play battlefield, and make all the alienware kids wanna refund thier laptops.
  6. austing said:
    This, will play battlefield, and make all the alienware kids wanna refund thier laptops.

    Hi :)

    That`s a REFURB :(

    All the best Brett :)
  7. austing said:
    This, will play battlefield, and make all the alienware kids wanna refund thier laptops.

    I'd Definately agree, great laptop...unfortunately it is a refurb, and ive seen my nephew go through hell with a nice refurb before. I'd have to get a warranty on it but other than that its really a great laptop thanks for your post! Ill definately consider it!

    @Brett, thanks man, ill look into that! Thanks for the post!

    @IChrisk, That seems to be a pretty good laptop, i think that Particular i7 is a dual core if im correct, which is pointless, because the i3's are cheaper and also have hyperthreading, Still Thanks though!

    I highly appreciate the post, im going to lookinto a few of these, but if you see more let me know guys. Thanks a bunch!
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