Samsung Series 7 Best Buy, Thoughts?

Thoughts on this build of a samsung series 7 for business and some gaming? I currently play RPG types, like guild wars 2.

999.99 at best buy

Not a fan of the 1TB HD having a 5200 RPM, other builds (amazon) has a 750GB HD with 7200RPM

1099 at Amazon
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    Check the 14" one with the GT650M and the i7.

    You could also see if you can get something in the 15.4" chassis for under 1200 and it will be a far better deal.

  2. Lenovo has much better graphics, better screen, better cpu, and a worse? hdd but has a boot drive.

    I personally would go with 500GB 7200rpm hdd and save the $100. The samsung is a poor deal.

    Sager's halloween special at 1200 is another option even better graphics but its more expensive.

    At 1300 you could get a large heavy but powerful gaming rig the halloween special.
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