Can i just play audio and not video?

i have an acer aspire 4736z and an lg flatron crt tv. I want to connect these two and just want the audio output on the tv. Like if i want to play an audio clip i should be able to use my TV speakers. I do not want the video as i did try doing that and could not get it to work(using a vga to component cable). All i want is the audio and just the audio. For that to happen i do have the right thing, a 3.5 mm jack to rca cable. On my laptop i have an audio out jack and at the back of my pc i have the audio in, but somehow it doesn't like it. Are there any specific settings that i need to change on my laptop in order for the tv to play the sound? Pls help me on this, i really want this to happen before tomorrow afternoon...

Thanks a ton in advance.
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  1. you just want the audio and don't care about the picture? just hook the audio out of your laptop (headphone jack will do) to any audio input on the TV or receiver (you should have a decent receiver for sound). There should be no special settings on your laptop, but tv/receiver will need to b on the proper input
  2. i have tried doing that with the help of a 3.5 mm jact to rca cable but all in vain. tried changing the settings on the laptop for the default output several times but couldn't get to work
  3. with it unplugged make sure you can hear sound coming out of your laptop. then plugin the headphone jack. sound should dissappear. other end into tv (make sure volume is up) and switch inputs until you hear it.
  4. for the quick reply mat. I did try that earlier. thesoud disappears from the laptop but doesn't play on the tv...i have tried switching inputs too. Can you check the input audio ports for the tv model mentioned above
  5. if need a more specific model or better yet an link to an english site, it appear to be an indian market only tv, but it can see why the video won't work now
  6. ad why is that? because the tv is in india??!!
  7. yes, there are different standards and defaults
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