Guys I Need Urgent Help With My Acer Laptop Screen PLEASE!

Hey guys i have a Acer Aspire laptop (not sure of the model sorry) which has worked fine for over a year untill a couple of days ago

The problem occured on Sunday evening earlier that day it had been working fine and as i usually do i put it on hibernate as i went for some food.

Roughly half an hour later i switched it back on and the Acer logo/f2 setup screen came up fine. When this went 2 of these signs appeared in the left corner


however once these went instead of booting on to my display menu it just stayed on a black screen whilst i can still hear the motors etc still moving/ making noise as they would normally

I am not great with computers so am really confused and need some help/advice ASAP cause i have work i need to do on it

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  1. Bring it back to repair. But from what i see, it still can be used and it is not making a big impact on usage. It still is able to hold you up so bring it back to repair.
  2. Check your CD rom, there might be a CD in there and it's trying to boot from it. Unplug any USB device also. If none of those applies, then you need to do a start-up repair.
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