How to set acer netbook back to factory settings if you cant get to the start

I have tried alt - f10 to reset my computer to factoery settings but it will not do anything. We had it in to get a vrus off and there is a password we can't get around so we need to reset. How can I do this from when the computer starts? I can not get to my desk top unless I can get rid of this password.
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  1. We can't help you circumvent passwords here on Tom's, it is against the rules.
  2. What password? how come you didn't know the password?
  3. I suggest contacting the OEM but be prepared to prove ownership.
  4. I also agree that we can only recommend you CONTACT ACER.

    More info:

    I find it ODD that you were able to login before but now you can't.

    Are you referring to a BIOS password (to prevent BIOS changes) or the Windows login password?

    BTW, if your Acer is out of Warranty you may be out of luck. My brother-in-law had a bad hard drive so he needed to contact Acer to get a copy of Windows.

    Guess what they said?
    We can't give you, or even SELL you the discs because your Warranty is expired.

    When I tried to contact them later I could only find a page that told me to put in the SERVICE NUMBER to contact Customer Support but it would only work if the Warranty was still good.

    (I contacted HP a year after my dad's Warranty was up and they sent me backup discs. I did this in case the hard drive died. Everyone should have an IMAGE or way to reinstall Windows that's separate from the physical hard drive in the laptop.)
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