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Hello guys,I've got a laptop that i use to play when i go to the university(of course i can't put my desktop there :P ),anyways i didn't use it that much,but in May i formatted my system and everything went fine.
But after trying some games like LoL and Black Ops after a bit it starts to lag,with 10-20 fps or less and if i look at the sky there isn't any difference.
When i look at the task manager,the CPU usage is at 90-100%,and for example the BlackOpsMP.exe process is using 40-60% of the CPU,lagging a lot with 10-20 fps,and after 5-10 minutes everything goes back to normal and after more 5 minutes it starts to lag again and so on,with high temperatures.
Before formatting,everything went fine,so i don't think it's a PC problem.
It's pretty old,it's an aspire 5732zg but as i said before i didn't have problems like this before formatting.
Can you help me please?
I tried to clean it from dust,but there wasn't any and when it starts lagging the fan doesn't make noises.
This problem started when I tried the first game after formatting,but i think this could be something working in background.
Thank you!
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  1. Your laptop isn't up to spec to play those games sorry
  2. As i said before everything was fine before formatting,and come on,everything can run LoL.
  3. Re-partition your laptop then give a try.
  4. I will try,thanks.
  5. how did you install your graphics driver? with laptop GPU's its really best to avoid the drivers from AMD's website and use the ones from Acer's website, even if they are ANCIENT.

    this is because the Acer drivers are better able to handle the power management settings of the laptop that AMD drivers weren't meant to do.

    Well, why would that matter? you say

    if the graphics chip is thinking its supposed to be a 'low power' state, it won't clock up to perform at the level it should during gaming, therefore placing more burden on the CPU that it was before you formatted

    so check your power management features and make sure they are working correctly as well

    also, you might double check the graphics settings, if something like 'post process' or AA or something that gives higher detail was accidentally left on..., that can cause chugging

  6. You need to adjust your graphics settings down to low.
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