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Hey guys, I have a dell dimension 8100 specs are 250Watt PSU, 1.5 ghz P4 256kb cache, 512 RD-Ram(PC-800), and a GeForce 2 MMX 32mb. I want to upgrade my graphics card. Should I get a GeForce 4 Ti-4600, or something better because i don't know if my power supply can handle it.
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  1. I'd go with a Radeon 9550 with 128-bit memory interface. These cards are available with either 128-bit or 64-bit memory interface, not to be confused with the amount of RAM the cards offer (128MB or 256MB).

    The 9600 uses very little power, the 9550 with 128-bit is a slower, cheaper version. The 9550 with 64-bit is a slower version of the 9600SE, neither are worth buying.

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