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I am trying to set up my 2nd partition for a 700GB HD. I'm using the first 200 GB for the OS and want the second partition to utilize the remaining space. Currently I can only create a partition of 265 GB. I've done research in the past on this and found a guide that requires editing a file in the hkeylocalmachine/x/x/x path but my terminology for google searches is only finding people posting about the misrepresentation of actual HD size vs what is claimed by the manufacturer. Would anyone mind providing a link to a guide on how to edit this data or create a guide as a response so that I can get my system complete? Thanks in advance!
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  1. What short of OS are you installing? When you say 700GB you mean 640GB? as there is no commercial 700GB, at least that i can recall. How do you create your partitions?
  2. Well its apparently been a while since I bought the hard drive. I was wrong on its size and everything is showing correctly. Could swear I bought 700GB but its a 500GB (the things we make ourselves believe haha). I looked it up in my order history with the retailer to confirm it. Sorry about that....
  3. And the rest of the specs? What OS are you trying to install? How are you doing your partitioning?
  4. The OS is Windows 7 Ultimate. I usually partition and format everything during the installation of windows but I waited until after the installation this time due to the issues that XP had (at one point) of recognizing the actual size of larger hard drives. I'll just be using the OS tool in the disk management options for this partition.
  5. Try this:

    There are plenty of helpful tips as well as a free program to do your partitioning. It is more advanced and has more features than the standard Windows one.
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